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Commonly confused medieval weapons, a powerpoint by me.

Now stop screwing them up, seriously, or I will put a medieval weapon in your head.

Tumblr is endearing me to being lectured at in Comic Sans

THIS is a WAR SCYTHE, a scythe actually used in combat. Notice it is not a useless piece of shit and is an actual functional weapon.

The only reason why death is pictured with a FARMING scythe is because he harvests souls.

you say that like you couldnt actually kill someone with a farming scythe which im willin to bet a lot of money that ur wrong

((Medieval glitter xD))

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Lembas Bread (Lord of the Rings “authentic” Elvish bread)


 2 ½ cups of flour
1 tablespoon of baking powder
¼ teaspoon of salt
½ cup of butter
1/3 cup of brown sugar
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
½ teaspoon honey
2/3 cup of heavy whipping cream
½ teaspoon of vanilla


Preheat oven to 425F. Mix the flour, baking powder and salt into a large bowl. Add the butter and mix with a well till fine granules (easiest way is with an electric mixer). Then add the sugar and cinnamon, and mix them thoroughly.

Finally add the cream, honey, and vanilla and stir them in with a fork until a nice, thick dough forms.

Roll the dough out about 1/2 in thickness. Cut out 3-inch squares and transfer the dough to a cookie sheet.Criss-cross each square from corner-to-corner with a knife, lightly (not cutting through the dough).

Bake for about 12 minutes or more (depending on the thickness of the bread) until it is set and lightly golden.

***Let cool completely before eating, this bread tastes better room temperature and dry. Also for more flavor you can add more cinnamon or other spices***

as someone who has baked these A LOT


and I am reblogging this because I KEEP LOSING MY RECIPE 

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wax/wane wall: 1280x800 | 1366x768 | 1440x900 | 1600x900 | 1920x1080 → here

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if i was someones favourite blog i think i would cry

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that escalated quickly


that escalated quickly

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Cheat Sheets for Writing Body Language

We are always told to use body language in our writing. Sometimes, it’s easier said than written. I decided to create these cheat sheets to help you show a character’s state of mind. Obviously, a character may exhibit a number of these behaviours. For example, he may be shocked and angry, or shocked and happy. Use these combinations as needed.

by Amanda Patterson

#writing ref
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Recipe: [x]

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This kid has been staring at a picture of broccoli for about 15 minutes now
He keeps zooming in and out and looking over every branch
Finals week has really taken a lot out of some people


This kid has been staring at a picture of broccoli for about 15 minutes now

He keeps zooming in and out and looking over every branch

Finals week has really taken a lot out of some people

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I made an Aoba cake for my wife’s birthday.

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say "bear" 97 times and you will become a bear


bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear 

You are becoming trickier! Your foolery! You fooled me excellently! You fooled me,I am experiencing negative side effects,however! I am not a bear! Get out of my homestead

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"Daenerys" - Illustration by samspratt

Finally finished. Had a little too much fun painting all that loose, whispy, wooshy, hair. Now right back to the art cave to continue research on a poster I’m particularly excited about.